Field-Homework 1 // Healthy Parasite

At Home// Interior to exterior I usually don’t take supplements everyday, but I am now. There is a vase of eucalyptus in every room in our home, because we found out that it could stimulate immune system, and it is aesthetically pleasing. People choose to dine at home instead of eating out, almost every living room is lit up during dinner time. What a heart warming scene. The sun is great during the afternoon, it is motivating to wash and clean your house, washed clothes would dry fast and the sun would kill the germs. And it is my slippers’

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[Field-Homework 1] Quarantine

    Title: Quarantine | Space: Study | Camera Location: In-between   Wide-angle An unusual amount of lights seen on a Saturday evening   Zoom 76.9~81.4 vol%, I think we are good to go   Focus Value of a piece of paper-like plastic   Crop The social media transmutation   Aerial The high-density Saturday garage   Worm’s eye Self-entertainment   First person view Ready to go   Skewed-angle Tilted by life   Perspective The view you get when the curtains’ down   View frame Bridge of communication   Chiaroscuro The fine line of lay and wake   Seriality The changes

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[Field-Homework 1] Absence

Wide-angle: In front of the main entrance of the downtown shopping mall, only a few people came in.  Zoom: A fall-asleep customer with mask was waiting for the take-away drink in front of the shop.  Focus: Waiter with mask and gloves in front of Starbucks was checking the consumer’s temperature and recording.  Crop: A locked door of a bakery shop.  Bird-eyes view: Used-to-be busy shopping center was now neglected, and few people was passing by.  Worm view: Without school, teenagers hang out with friend on weekdays.  First person view: A security guard was standing in front of the shopping mall

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