Workshop 2 Response


As persons working in the creative field, how do you balance between being historically/culturally accurate and telling the story? As both of you mentioned, you both enjoy creating your own art, be it the clothes or the props as it best able to bring out the feel that you would like to tell the story. However, as content creators we also have the responsibility of being historically/culturally accurate as it through through films that people get a glimpse of the time period or the city. So, how would you balance the two and how much is it important for you?

Answer (Summarized) :


It’s a dilemma that we face everyday and for me I would like to see it as we can interpret history in different ways. Looking at pictures of the past, they can only tell you so much, so when working on such projects, I like to imagine beyond what the photos say.



That is why I don’t work on period pieces. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the work these people are doing but it is just not something that I enjoy. So, I guess you have to know what you like to do.



I asked the question expecting an exact answer. But as all dilemmas, there is no one answer and it was insightful to hear how both speakers chose to view this issue. I resonated with both. While Miggy’s view was more of learning to use creativity within the given boundaries, Second’s point of view saw it more of really chasing for what you are passionate for and not letting boundaries decide your work.


By Emily Wu Mei Chang (3035611705)

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