[Field-Homework 3] Disappearing City

Video Footage: What kind of place you are living in? (video1) Is it clean and full of green like this? (video2) photo3 Or crowded and dense like this?(video4) photo5 photo6 (script:Or this) photo9364,photo9372(script:Have you ever seen housing estate like this?) 9369, 9368,9367,9365 (script: This is an old housing region, located in the old town of the city. The old, the center.There is no safeguard, or garden, or even flat road and wide street.) 9373 and 9387 left and right(script: Compared with the environment of a modern housing estate, that clean and full of light, when you walk in, the hallway of the old

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[Field-Homework 3] Information City: Elevator Advertisement

  Theme and Subject At the time I got the theme “elevator”, the first thing that came up to mind is the repeated advertisements shown in the elevator in the apartment I live now. the question is whether advertisements are popular in each elevator around the city and what information are they conveying? In fact, elevator advertisement has been widespread over a short period during these years, and it is a new trend of advertisement (Elevator advertising, 2022). The reason for the installation of advertisements broad in the elevator is mainly because the elevator is becoming public transportation inside high-rise

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[Field-Homework 3] Management City

    Title: Management City Site: MTR Passage “MTR passage is a semi-public space with management.” — Initial Analysis Hong Kong is a high-rise and high-density city, facing challenge of the shortage of buildable land and pressure of the rapid urbanization rate. Therefore, underground spaces, such as MTR passage, were developed to support the city life with high-efficiency mobility, mitigating congestion and pursuing high profits. As an increasing number of people rely on the railway system, the MTR passage is a place that people frequently access, connecting the station entrance and train and crossing the paid and free area. Like

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[Video Essay] Hybrid City

Description This video presentation explores hybrid function of lobby for people across generations. The lobby is a shared space under each residence. On one hand, it is like a bridge for me or generation Z to connect with outside and privacy space. The lobby is the center of the whole apartment as it carries on the function of social connection with neighbors, security, and messaging (Wedemeyer, 1979). However, nowadays, not only do we not go through the lobby to socialize, but we go through it quickly to avoid too much contact. The situation worsened during the pandemic; we tried our

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[Video Essay] Disappearing City

  Student ID: 3035855430 Directed By: Seo Jun Ho Site: Corridors, School Corridor in my mind Theme: Disappearing City   Background Information:   How is a small space in a corridor changing constantly?   The corridor could be a passageway for people to go from one place to another. However, it could also be a space for gathering, especially in places like schools. After class, it’s a place where students see and interact with each other. Hence the corridor could be identified as a place of gathering. While the city can be considered a place of meeting outdoors, corridors serve

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[Video essay] Disappearing City

Theme of the video: Disappearing — City Director: Tsang Ka Ho Photo/montage credits: RTHK Broadcast VectorStock HK01 News The Leisure and Cultural Services Department When it comes to playground, I do not have much idea about it. It seems not to be one of our most-used daily facilities. The last time I have been playing in a park is about 7-8 years ago, with my friends and families. All my left-impression is recalled from my childhood time, which I cherish the memories when I play with my classmates and friends. I start to wonder, is it true that playgrounds are

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[FIELDWORK]God of Gamblers 賭神, Lucky Plaza

GOD OF GAMBLERS, DIR. Wong Jing (1989) Lucky Plaza, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong God of gamblers is a Hong Kong traditional film directed by Wong Jing and led by Chow Yun-fat, Andy Lau, and Joey Wong. Ko Chun (Chow Yun-fat) is a famous gambler. The main story begins with Chun escaping from a train. After fighting on the train, Chun accidentally stumbles into Little knife (Andy Lau)’s trap, which is intended to play tricks with an Indian. Ko Chun falls under the hill and hits his head. He loses his memory partially. Little knife does not know who is

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[Reading Response: Carl Abbott]

Carl Abbott discussed imaginary cities in science fiction. Due to issues like resources shortage, environmental degradation, and so on. The residents of these cities had to create a new way of life for survival, which is called “ migratory cities” by the author. Their cities can move, walk, or fly. The imaginary cities can reflect some social reality. Some movies are an indication of environmental worries in society because these cities are usually forced by environmental issues to wander. Some movies meanwhile reveal class issues and the darkness inside humans. For example, a movie mentioned by the author told a

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Reading Response: Christine Boyer

In The imagery real world of cybercities, the author has mentioned: “Cybercity narrate the dematerialization of physical space and chronological time.” This line has gotten me to brainstorm further regarding “materials” in such cyberworld. Technology advancement in virtual reality created such imagery cyber world for users to immerse in which has reduced the users’ awareness towards actual space and time. In movie the philosophers, the director has illustrated such cyber virtual world for the users to conduct several experiments in. While they are in the virtual world, the importance of the physical space and time has significantly decreased. This cyber

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[READING RESPONSE] Christine Boyer

The article mainly talks about the world of CyberCities. It describes a city that is filled with networks and telecommunication that counters urban isolation. The modern, disciplinary societies are replaced by numerical one. Yet it also makes people lose their humanity and become indifferent. It really horrifies me that the world will end up as a continuum, or a utopia, where emotionless machines work day after day with high efficiency. Also, the article also describes a city of artifice, that artifice can become a “spot of time”. As said in the article, in the 60s of Las Vegas, the architecture

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