Reading Response: Carl Abbott

In Abbott’s interpretation of migratory cities, unlike how cities are in real life and viewed as a static entities, in-universe such as in science fiction, it is very mobile. It could travel move and rotate in all kinds of ways and forms, which the train in snowpiercer resembles, as while the space itself is static, the location is constantly on the move. This concept of the migratory or mobile city is actually more present in reality than expected. While it is not as cybernetic or has fancy visuals (cg) in real life, with constant movement from people from different backgrounds are on the move and cultures become interlinked, and as cultural boundaries humble, a mobile city in terms of culturally is becoming a reality. Also with the surge of technological development, the sight we see in the futuristic film is not too far from becoming a reality.


Seo Jun Ho, 303585543

2 thoughts on “Reading Response: Carl Abbott

  1. Jun HoSeo  says:

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  2. Sammie says:

    Appreciate that you tried to apply Abbott’s idea of migratory cities to discuss real-life urban processes. The point about how cities are highly mobile in terms of their population is interesting. Do you think that further comparisons can be made between migratory flows between cities and what Abbott is describing, such as in terms of their causes and effects? Also, can you elaborate on what kind of technological development could make moving cities a reality?


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