[Field-Homework 3] HONG KOVID 19

This is a horrible day. There are a lot of people in the community, which may increase the risk of transmitting diseases. Most of the people in the street are wearing masks. However, it is terrible when you hear somebody cough nearby you. Some of the older adults are sitting on the chair and playing games without wearing masks. It is dangerous for them as they are older and the risk of being infected is higher than the others. Everyone has their ways to live. This is our community.   Suen Man Jessica 3035666968

[Field-Homework 3] Inside the Government Sport Center during Disease

Synopsis During the Disease, the city is almost stopped. Most of the facilities even the government had stopped for a few weeks. This is the first week that most of the government sports facilities are reopened. I want to show the changes after the reopening of the sports center which helps to prevent the Disease. Sport is important to us and this video can give an idea of what had been changed and need to prepare for the sport. Field Board 1 Video:https://youtu.be/0Eotw3t6vlc Entrance video:https://youtu.be/p5FTH2cP5Ss GYM Room video:https://youtu.be/7h3FA50iVQk Cheung Ka Chun UID 3035642015

[Field Homework 3] A Bed Day

Bibliography: De Certeau, M. (1984). Spatial Stories. In The Practice of Everyday Life (pp. 115-130), translated by Steven Randall. Berkeley: University of California Press. Rosa, J. (2000). Tearing Down the House: Modern Homes in the Movies. In Architecture and Film (pp. 159-167), edited by Lamster, M. New York: Princeton Architectural Press. Horowitz, Jason. (2020).  “Italians Find ‘a Moment of Joy in This Moment of Anxiety’.” The New York Times https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/14/world/europe/italians-find-a-moment-of-joy-in-this-moment-of-anxiety.html Hae Gi Choi 3035451193

[Field-Homework 3] Routine/Lifestyle

Routine/Lifestyle Synopsis The virus outbreak has caused huge disruption to people’s livelihood and lifestyle, causing them to view and utilize the built space around them differently. . This documentary will be a first-person-view description of how people’s lives are changed by the virus outbreak, in a form of a moving camera undergoing a daily routine of a resident of a housing estate leaving his home for the MTR, recording the lives of citizens within and around the housing estate. Firstly,  the person leaves his home and takes the lift to the ground floor. Then,  he walks across through the podium;

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[Field-Homework 3] A Cage? A Home?

Synopsis: Online learning, home office, decreasing working days for the service industry, or just avoid going out for preventing oneself from being infected. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, citizens are staying more at home. As each family member used to have their own schedule, this is a rare chance of staying together for a longer time. In this documentary, the new ‘daily life’ under coronavirus are recorded. Even staying in the same flat, there is not much communication, on the other hand, conflicts are increasing when living closely together. What is the space home to us? Is it a

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[Field-Homework 3] Crisis and Recovery

Documentary title: Crisis and Recovery   Synopsis: The outbreak of the coronavirus has become one of the central themes of people’s lives recently. It has brought great inconvenience to our daily activities. Fortunately, the spread of the virus has been effectively controlled in China and people’s daily routine is slowly returning to normal. This documentary illustrates the contrast of a city’s crisis and recovery by showing the images of the city in the middle and late stages of the epidemic. In fact, this relationship between the architectural environment and human activities shown by the images can demonstrate the transition from

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[Field-Homework 3] How people defeat COVID19

Synopsis Corona virus has huge negative effects in different countries. It also had an affect on South Korea. Many people get sick because of it. However, in this country people still trying to fight against that virus and try hard to stop the virus from spreading. I find out many different portraits of the environment and people that I could show people’s lives nowadays. I was also able to see the way that people trying to show the things that people do to keep themselves clean. I used various photos to represent my idea. To show the environment nearby me,

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[Field-Homework 3] Errand

The narration-free documentary follows an anonymous Hong Kong resident through the routine of going out for an errand, highlighting the hassle of sanitation that has become a part of most people’s daily lives months into the epidemic. Every detail, from putting on the mask to vehicles on the street, show that the crisis has merged into ordinary routines. In the middle of the documentary, a still frame showing an elderly couple basking in the sun in front of a large construction site in a leisure infrastructure serves as a metaphot how the coronavirus crisis, in its brash ways, has altered

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[Field-Homework 3] Daily Routine Under Coronavirus

Synopsis The epidemic coronavirus has greatly affected people’s daily life. Citizens around the globe are encountering a tough battle to prevent the spread of the disease. There are home offices, suspended schools, and closure of public spaces. Tracking how everyday life is influenced and changed, this storyboard is going to present a daily routine of a normal resident, who navigates from indoor to outdoor, observing the pedestrians wandering in the city. It captures the architectures, as well as the citizens, who transform the place into vivid and valuable space. In addition, it displays the spirit of always exploring the everyday

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[Field-Homework 3] Giving up our Convenience

[Title: Giving up our Convenience] [Synopsis] The documentary conveys the message that our small actions may lead to huge effects. Both ‘unusual reality’ and ‘prevention’ is emphasized. Yes, the world is in crisis, our living has been damaged. Everything is unusual nowadays, with fewer customers in the shopping center, craving for masks, limited socialization, and home-trapped. Nevertheless, I focus on the bright side of the nation’s effort and unity that builds hope for the future. Public subway, medical clinics are still working day-and-night, we still fiercely live our ordinary life to work and study. The one thing, the nation is

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